MHI and Arianespace to Jointly Offer Satellite Launch Services

– Further Development of Previous gBack-uph Launch Alliance –

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and Arianespace S.A. have agreed to combine their commercial satellite launch services. The agreement represents a further development of the previous alliance in gback-uph launch services. Going forward, the two partners propose to offer launch services using either MHIfs H-IIA or Arianespacefs Ariane 5, in order to more flexibly accommodate customersf launch needs at their desired timing.

The latest agreement is a further advancement of the cooperative relationship between MHI and Arianespace in the area of commercial satellite launch support. In 2003 MHI and Arianespace concluded an agreement, also involving Boeing Launch Services Inc., establishing an international gLaunch Services Allianceh to mutually back-up their launches. The earlier alliance aimed to provide customers with alternative launch services by a different alliance member in the event that one alliance partner was for some reason unable to execute a planned launch.

The Ariane 5 and H-IIA are the most reliable launchers on the commercial satellite launch market today.

Commencing with the new fiscal year that began on April 1, production and management of the H-IIA have been shifted from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to MHI. The H-IIA No. 13, scheduled to launch the lunar orbit satellite SELENE this summer, will be the first H-IIA to be launched after its privatization. The enhanced partnership with Arianespace is expected to greatly support MHIfs smooth entry into the commercial launch market.