2004 NEWS
Reveal of H-IIA Launch Vehicle Flight No.7 (2004.12.21)
H-IIA Launch Vehicle Resumes Flight Activities (2004.12.08)
Ground firing test of qualification type motor of improved SRB-A (No.1) (2004.11.09)
Announcement of H-IIA Launch Services Logotype (2004.10.01)
Data Acquisition Test of full-scale motor of SRB-A with bell-shape nozzle (2004.09.16)
Presentation for Space Insurance Community took place (2004.09.10)
Attendance at 6th World Summit on the Space Transportation Business- World Satellite Business Week (2004.09.09)
Attendance at APSCC 2004 Launch Services Panel (2004.09.04)
January 2004, MHI entered into an alliance of the launch services back up for the commercial mission with Arianespace in Europe and Boeing Launch Services in the United States. (2004.01.01)
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