Offering excellent consecutive services
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) has been taking main roles in the development, manufacturing, assembly and launch operations of all practical use large-scale launch vehicles in Japan, from N-I launch vehicles to H-IIA launch vehicles. Turning our previous experience to advantage, we offer excellent consecutive launch services from the manufacturing of high quality launch vehicle to the injection of our customers' satellites into the proper orbits.
Providing perfect satisfaction throughout the project
Our launch services meet all customers' needs and accomplish a perfect launch plan. Our launch services continuously seek progress in reliability.
We provide perfect launch services to enhance your satisfaction at whole project phases.
Returning our rich knowledge to the customers
MHI is a representative of heavy industry in Japan and a leading company of space industry in Japan. We have large stock of knowledge of launch vehicle development, space systems development, manufacturing, and know-how from experience. We return such our knowledge to the customers through this launch services.
Returning our rich knowledge to the customers